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Blockchain-Specific Behavioral Research

Social Behavioral Experiment

PNS is an experiment in human social behavior in the context of the sudden, unprecedented paradigm shift in global communication fundamentals brought about by the emergence of Bitcoin and its groundbreaking blockchain concept.

Implemented in the form of a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network, PNS relies on Simulated Total Distribution (STD) to produce useful data applicable to research and study of this pivotal moment in human history. STD tricks all ETH wallets so it appears every ETH address holds a balance of PNS, when in fact the tokens do not actually exist until the address sends or receives some PNS. When the maximum supply - as defined in the smart contract - is reached, the simulation will end and only real balances will remain visible.

Measuring Human Boundaries

The token is named "Penis" and sports a colorful logo resembling a thrusting, erect phallus. The smart contract source code is written as though a juvenile prankster with too much free time wanted to soft-troll crypto nerds. However, great care was given to ensure adherence to the immutable ERC-20 standard as well as the established formalities and processes of token registration and submission to token directories and popular trackers.

Its "PG-13" properties are designed to elicit reaction upon discovery. Every aspect of PNS stops just short of outright vulgarity. This has produced data grouped roughly by culture, age, and general emotional sensitivity; some groups are offended and react aggressively, others are entertained and react positively, while most (it seems) never interact in any way, providing data by omition. Every interaction with PNS tokens contributes valuable data to the experiment. As more people are exposed to PNS, the data produced are more and more valuable and applicable to future research.

Data for Research

Data generated by the PNS smart contract are recorded in real-time to the Ethereum blockchain and are publicly accessible and free to use for any purpose. This data may reveal important patterns and enhance the value of future research when applied to other research.

Contribute to important scientific research with minimal effort by sending PNS to your contacts and spreading the word on social media - every action becomes data for future research and study!

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